Direct printing.

This is perhaps the newest stamping technique. It is done by means of a printer that holds the fabric well fixed, printing the illustrations or stamps in an ink that is absorbed directly by the garment. The finish is very neat and similar to that of sublimation. The advantage over this is that these types of prints for clothing can be made on any fabric.


Textile cut vinyl

These types of prints work with a thin layer of vinyl. Depending on the quality of the vinyl, it is a technique that can have very professional finishes and has great durability and resistance to washing.

For this type of prints a simple design is needed, without many details or fine lines, the good thing about this type of prints is that they can have many aspects: metallic, gummed, velvety, fluorescent, etc. Once you have the piece of vinyl, it is placed on the garment and fixed with an iron.


Textile sublimation

These types of prints transfer the ink to the fabric through heat. This system is recommended for prints with a lot of detail, definition or very small images.

The quality of this type of prints will be proportional to the material of the garment. No matter how much the fabric is stretched, wrung out, or washed, the print will not change. In addition, this technique allows the use of any number of colors and images with many details, this technique will only work for fabrics with a high percentage of polyester and with light base colors, preferably white.